• Our first Philanthropy Report

    “The greatest wealth is to live
    content with little.”

    - Plato 


    It seems wrong to start a newsletter by saying “Happy Easter” this week of all weeks on the North Shore. And by the time you get this, Easter will be long behind us, because I’m running very late in completing this newsletter anyway. But looking forward into the future, Easter will spark painful memories for many residents of Lynn Valley, and anyone else who was in the village the day of that shocking knife attack. The outpouring of grief and flowers and condolences and support (financial and otherwise) stems from an abundance of empathy and generosity in our community, and undoubtedly the thought: “It could’ve been me.” Click below to READ MORE.

  • My first Valentine’s Day in the Floral Industry

    “Hang in there. It is astonishing
    how short a time it can take for very
    wonderful things to happen.”
                   - from “The Secret Garden”



    Hello dear customers!

    Do you see the signs of spring approaching everywhere? I sure do. Early daffodils and swaths of crocuses popped up last week when the weather warmed after the snow; fat buds of camellias are about to burst forth everywhere and in some sunny south-facing gardens have already unfurled their first flowers. These tiny changes can’t escape my rubber-necking notice as a I drive around our beautiful North Shore delivering bouquets. Click below to READ MORE.

  • The Secret Garden

        “Where you tend a rose my lad,
    a thistle cannot grow.”
     — Frances Hodgson Burnett


    The bouquets last week were inspired by my re-reading of the classic children’s novel The Secret Garden over the holidays. Click below to READ MORE.