🌿 Fresh flowers on repeat for a good cause. 

🌿 Zero waste flower subscription.

🌿 100% for newcomer families in need.


How do I order a flower subscription as a Christmas or Holiday Gift? 

Your gift recipient’s first bouquet (along with the Welcome Package gift box) will be delivered directly to their doorstep on:


(North Vancouver & West Vancouver)


When placing your order you have the option to write a short gift message during the checkout process. Simply write your gift note in the “delivery directions” section (or email it to me).


What’s inside the Welcome Package gift box?


I just redesigned our gift packaging so you have something really eye-catching to give your gift recipient that you can be proud of.

The natural kraft box comes delightfully wrapped with navy blue grosgrain ribbon, a spring of fresh greens, and a mini gold bell. The tag reads: Welcome to the Flower Club!


Inside the Welcome Package is:

  • A welcome card that says “You’ve just been gifted Four [or Six] Months of Flowers.”
  • A description of Everyday Bouquets and the flower subscription concept.
  • Tips for caring for cut flowers.
  • Delivery Schedule Calendar.
  • Philanthropy Report.
  • Magazine story about Everyday Bouquets.
  • A reminder to place the empty jar out for pickup on subsequent delivery days.


The Welcome Package has been designed to be reused again — no need to dispose of it. We’ll simply pick it up along with your first empty jar and reuse it, to avoid waste and save money. (A note inside explains this.)


And everyone receives the Welcome Package — whether it’s a gift for someone else — or a gift for yourself! Fresh flowers make great self-care. A gift is a gift.



What is your delivery frequency?


I’ve recently had to reduce the delivery frequency to  monthly, to be more available to my young son who is neurodivergent. 


** However if you’re trying to order a birthday or anniversary gift to coincide with a specific date — please email me! I do my best to accommodate off-schedule deliveries for first bouquets.


Another option is to pickup the Welcome Package gift box from my house (or arrange for us to deliver it on our regular delivery day) so that your recipient is aware they’ve been given a flower subscription, however they can choose to commence the delivery schedule at a future date of their own choosing.

Can I just get one bouquet? 

No, sorry.  (Not yet, anyway.) It’s just not efficient at this early stage of my business but maybe in the future.



Why is a flower subscription better than a solo bouquet anyway?

Thanks for asking! Let me count the ways:

  1. One big flower bouquet doesn’t last any longer than a small one — flowers fade as surely as the sun will set! But by ordering smaller bouquets (in multiples) you stretch your flower budget and extend your enjoyment of the flowers.
  2. Multiple bouquets arriving in delayed succession means you can sample a broader stretch of local flowers as they come into season. What you see blooming in gardens is what will arrive in your bouquets!
  3. Receiving a one-off bouquet can feel quite finite but a flower subscription gives you something to look forward to! A lovely little surprise at regular intervals to breakup the monotony. We call it “porch magic.”



Zero waste? Really?

Yep! We’re trying to be zero waste and the subscription model allows us to do that. (It also helps that our primary product is compostable!) But we also harvest or order flowers in precise quantities to match bouquet numbers so that not a single bloom is wasted. Then we recycle the packaging and reuse jars, gift boxes, tags, even twine! 



What if I forget to place the empty jars on my porch?

No problem, just put them out next time. Or you can stockpile them and return all at once. I have a decent supply of jars in circulation but I do rely on their eventual return as a way of keeping costs under control. (Jars cost me $1.50 so it adds up over time.) If I’m running low I’ll put out an APB (all points bulletin) in the newsletter asking y’all to rustle up your empties! 


Feel free to drop them off at my house too, if that’s easier. 2048 Mahon Avenue. There are always empty jars kicking around my porch these days, it’s just part of the decor.



Do you deliver to apartment and condo buildings?


YES! Yes we do now! Place your order and simply provide delivery instructions (like buzzer codes) at checkout. 



Do you deliver to care homes?

Yes, a resounding YES! We’ve delivered to a number of different care homes on the North Shore. We clearly write the resident’s name on the gift tag for each delivery, and like all bouquets, we wipe down our jars with Lysol disinfectant wipes before delivering the bouquets, to eliminate the potential for Covid and other virus transfers.


As for jars, most front desks will hold onto the used jars for collection but it’s not necessary for care homes, we know the staff are really busy.


How do I include a gift note?

You can write it in the “Delivery Directions” section of the checkout process.

Or you can email it to me at hello@everydaybouquets.ca if you have additional information you wish to communicate.


Other questions not yet answered here?

Please email me! I’ll get back to you with 24-48 hrs, Mon-Fri, 10am - 4pm. I happily volunteer all of my time to run this little social enterprise, it’s a labour of love.

 Email: hello@everydaybouquets.ca

Thanks so much for your support. These little bouquets really are making a big difference for newcomer families in need.


Jana Young | Everyday Bouquets

North Vancouver, BC