“Don’t feel intimidated — the school of flower arranging is accessible to anyone. There is no need for elaborate equipment or intricate wiring. All you need is a love of colour and a sense of drama.”
 — Sarah Raven, floral designer and godmother of the modern cutting garden revival. 

Here at Everyday Bouquets, we love leading floral workshops! We’ll arrive on site with fresh flowers and supplies to teach your team the immensely enjoyable art of floral arranging. 

Hi, I’m Jana Young, Founder & Chief Volunteer of Everyday Bouquets. 

I’m a gardener, writer, and self-taught floral designer. I started Everyday Bouquets by accident in my North Vancouver garden in July 2020 and I continue to happily volunteer all of my time to run it, it’s my labour of love.

Together with other volunteers we’ve arranged approximately 350 bouquets a month for nearly 3 years which amounts to over 8,000 bouquets and counting…just like the ones I can teach your team to make! 

I’ve developed a simple recipe that has proven highly versatile so that we can keep pumping out new original designs every other week for our Flower Club customers…and I’m delighted to share this exact same design recipe (along with secret tips and tricks!) with you team at your workplace.


  • If my garden is like an artist’s canvas, then a bouquet is a living sculpture.
  • An artfully-arranged bouquet on your table or desk will draw your gaze throughout the day.
  • Colour is KING, but I have a good eye for it; my mother was an artist.
  • Small is beautiful: sometimes all you need are just a few thoughtfully chosen stems deftly combined to create a moment of beauty on your desk or kitchen table. Less is more.
  • And I’m also frugal: I love to stretch a dollar. Our customers know that if you treat yourself to smaller bouquets more frequently (instead of large bouquets once in a while) then you can sample a greater variety of flowers for a longer stretch of time. 
  • So the bouquets I’ll teach your team to make will be small-ish too, to keep within your HR and team-building budgets. 
  • I’ll teach your staff how to make “the poor man’s peony” and do the “spray mum hack” … plus we’ll reflex a rose or tulip together for extra oomph on a budget.
  • I’ll use stunning, locally-grown focal flowers like roses, hydrangea, peonies, dahlias, ranunculus, anemone, lisianthus, and more. But I’ll also mix in a few long-lasting cut flowers too, the same varieties your colleagues can easily find post-workshop at local grocery stores, to practice their new floral arranging skills in the future.


Email to inquire about a workshop at your organization.